Tuchel after the victory over Tottenham: "if it’s necessary to suffer you have to be ready".

Thomas Tuchel comment on Chelsea - Tottenham match
Feb 05 2021

In the match of the 22nd round of the Premier League, Chelsea won Tottenham with a score of 1:0.

After the meeting, "Blues" head coach Thomas Tuchel commented on this result.

"Every experience we make is a step forward if we are open to learning from it and if there are moments where we could con the moments. Especially in the first half or long, maybe the whole first half we could totally control the game very up high the pitch. Then in the second half, we had some easy ball losses. Lost a bit, a little bit of maybe the confidence because of the baldness’s were moments we could escape the pressure and had fast attacks but we could not finish. So, by minute by minute, we lost a little bit like ball possession but we never lost the belief. We never lost the structure and the intensity to defend. And you know, in football there are many ways to have a good performance and if it’s necessary to suffer you have to be ready to suffer. And that’s what I’m very happy about,"- Tuchel said.

"A bit more killer instinct would have been nice because would have been possible to decide to go very so like in the first half but also in the beginning-the first 15 minutes of the second half and maybe during the whole match there were chances where we lack a bit of the determination in the box, the last touch. But it’s like this is the best if we have something to improve and we still win. It was a big win in the away game and this is very good. I’m very happy."

"It’s not only about the tactics. It’s like how we play it. It’s not only what we play structure-wise is how we live it. They live it 100 percent, full power, in full intensity, full-on and this is the most important. In my opinion, we never lost the belief in the face and the courage to press up high. We never got too passive too deep in the field, we pushed. We had many one-on-once to isolate the opponent and not give options and for that, you have to be brave. We were brave and we were the winners in the end and this is deserved. It feels great." the coach added.

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