Misha Cirkunov vs Ryan Spann: Will the Latvian be stronger?

Misha Cirkunov - Ryan Spann. UFC Prediction (March 14, 2021)


Misha Cirkunov

Misha Cirkunov

14/03/21 04:30 CET
Ryan Spann

Ryan Spann

Place UFC APEX (Las Vegas)
Misha Cirkunov vs Ryan Spann fighting match forecast

Misha Cirkunov will sort things out in the octagon with Ryan Spann on March 14, and our site will make a forecast for the outcome of this event.

Misha Cirkunov

Misha appeared 20 times on a professional level in the octagon and celebrated success in 15 fights. However, he is very unstable in the UFC  and, as a rule, alternates victories with defeats. He failed in a confrontation with Johnny Walker in March 2019, going to a knockout, and he rehabilitated and dealt with Jimmy Cool in September of the same year, showing a rare choke - a Peruvian tie.

Cirkunov has a heavy blow, but has a number of problems in the stand, which is why he himself went to "sleep" three times. The main game plan of the Latvian is through grappling, since he has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and feels very confident on the ground.

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Ryan Spann

Ryan has 24 professional MMA fights and 18 victories. He had an excellent streak of four wins in the UFC, but it ended in a confrontation with Johnny Walker in September last year, when Spann already was knocked out hard in the third minute of the opening round.

Perhaps this is why the fighter has not appeared in the octagon since that moment. However, the American had previously lost by knockout, so this failure should not inflict a serious blow on the psychological component. Note that Ryan punches himself with his elbows well and is no less dangerous in the fight, because he also has many different techniques to his credit.

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  • Ryan has won 18 professional bouts.
  • Misha lost in three meetings out of five.
  • Spann prevailed in four of five bouts.

Our Prediction

Misha has not appeared for a long time in the octagon, and this downtime can seriously affect his form, since even earlier he performed quite unstable. Ryan, on the other hand, remained on a series of victories until the last fight and lost only to Walker. We think that Spann will be inferior in no way to the Latvian and will even surpass that in the standing position.

Our prediction is a victory for Ryan Spann with a coefficient of 2.14 on 1xbet.


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