Tom vs Orenburg: is the favorite obvious?

Tom - Orenburg. Forecast for the FNL match (August 8, 2021)


FC Tom Tomsk

FC Tom Tomsk

08/08/21 12:00 CET
FC Orenburg

FC Orenburg

Place Trud (Tomsk)
Tom vs Orenburg football match forecast

Within the framework of the fifth round of the FNL championship, the "Tom" - "Orenburg" match will take place at the Trud stadium on August 8. Will the title contender return to the victorious path? Read about it in our forecast.

FC Tom Tomsk

"Tom" quite expectedly, found itself in the relegation zone again, since the rivals with whom they had to butt were mostly of a higher level. And the club has to be recruited with a new one, since no one expected that "The Seagull" would be sent to FNL-2 on a high-profile case, and the Siberians would be brought back upstairs.

But the charges of Sergei Zhukov drove themselves to the seventeenth place due to the defeat in the first round against "Metallurg Lipetsk" (2:3). If we add three points mentally, then "Tom" could be the ninth, because then the hosts unexpectedly defeated "Baltika" (1:0). But the club is not yet able to constantly stamp victories over strong opponents, therefore defeats from "Fakel" (0:2) and twice from "Veles", one of which is in the Russian Cup (0:1, 0:0, 8:9 pins) did not become a sensation.

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FC Orenburg

"Orenburg" after a fast start slowed down just as sharply, falling from the first line to the fifth. As soon as the team led by Marcel Lishka faced off against teams of comparable class, these guys immediately began to have serious problems.

It is clear that "Volgar" and "Metallurg" (both - 4:0) could do little to oppose today's guests. But "Baltika" and "Fakel" succeeded. The "Kaliningraders" ended the match in their home field in a draw (1:1), and the "Voronezh" team in Orenburg achieved a convincing victory - 0:2. Did the coaching staff make the right conclusions based on the results of these meetings?

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  • Three previous face-to-face confrontations ended with a total score of 0:6.
  • Either "Tom" or its opponent left the field without goals in four games out of the last five.

Our Prediction

If the favorite does not want to create problems for himself from the start of the season, then today he must enter the field and take his own, as he did last year. It will not be easy for "Orenburg" residents, "Tomsk" residents have already proved more than once that they are capable of giving battle to anyone. But when angry guys come out against you, it becomes extremely difficult to stop them.

Our prediction is the victory of "Orenburg" with a handicap (-1) ball with a coefficient of 1.96 on 1xbet.

Will this prediction play?

Yes 100.00%
No 0.00%

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