USA vs Iran: losers on the floor

USA - Iran. Forecast for the match of the Olympics 2020 (July 28, 2021)


United States national basketball team

United States national basketball team

28/07/21 06:40 CET
Iran national basketball team

Iran national basketball team

Place Saitama Super Arena (Saitama)
USA vs Iran basketball match forecast

The United States and Iran will become not only geopolitical opponents on July 28, but also sports ones. Our experts give a forecast for their basketball match.

United States national basketball team

A few days ago, the US national team suffered their first defeat in an Olympic tournament since 2004. In the starting game, she was traditionally ranked as a favorite. And we must say that before the big break, the "Stars and Stripes" confirmed this status with a score on the scoreboard - 45:37.

In the third quarter, the French fought a dream team (25:11). At the end of the match, Vincent Collet's wards finished off the demoralized opponent (21:10). The main star of the Americans, Kevin Durant, scored ten points. The hosts are at the bottom of the first quartet standings!

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Iran national basketball team

By the second round, the Iranians are in the standings higher than the Americans due to the best difference between scored and missed points. In the starting game, the Iranian national team met with the Czech national team and lost with a score (78:84).

Czech basketball players controlled the course of the game until the last quarter (67:46). In the final stretch, the Europeans relaxed and allowed the opponent to reduce the handicap.

The most productive player of the entire match was the Iranian basketball player Behnan Yakhchali (23 points).

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  • USA scored 22 points in the first quarter of the last match.
  • In the first round, Americans and Iranians played with a total of less than 162.5 points.
  • Iran scored 78 points in the first game.

Our Prediction

The USA national team is considered the favorite of any match by default. However, the results of the World Cup in China, control meetings before the Olympics and the first match in Tokyo show that you can play on equal terms with eminent basketball players. Undoubtedly, nothing shines for the Iranians in this duel. At the same time, the gap between Asians and Americans will not exceed 42 points.

Our prediction is that Iran will win with a handicap (+42.5) points with the odds of 1.90 on 1xbet.

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