Yugra vs Dynamo St. Petersburg: The battle in Siberia

Yugra - Dynamo St. Petersburg. Prediction for the VHL playoff match (March 29, 2021)


HC Yugra

HC Yugra

29/03/21 15:00 CET
HC Dynamo Saint Petersburg

HC Dynamo Saint Petersburg

Tournament Russia, VHL
Place Ugra (Khanty-Mansiysk)
Yugra vs Dynamo St. Petersburg hockey match forecast

As part of the semi-finals of the Silk Road Cup playoffs, the first match of the "Yugra" - "Dynamo St. Petersburg" series will take place in the Arena-Yugra sports complex on March 29. How serious will the long absence of playing practice affect the hosts? Read about it in our forecast.

HC Yugra

"Yugra" passed the first two rounds very calmly and confidently, dealing with its rivals in class. The wards of Vadim Epanchintsev brought in additional reserves from themselves at the right time, thereby taking their own and not wasting energy on extra matches.

Krasnogorsk "Dynamo" managed to hook only one match at home, but in general, in the series, the advantage of the "Khanty-Mansians" did not raise any questions - 4:1 (4:1, 5:1, 4:3 OT, 0:2, 5:3). With another club from the Moscow region, Voskresensk "Chemist" managed to manage at all in the minimum number of games, although three of them ended with a minimum difference in the score - 4:0 (6:3, 2:1, 4:3 OT2, 4:3).

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HC Dynamo Saint Petersburg

"Dynamo" played two extremely difficult series, in which they still managed to emerge victorious. The team of Eduard Zaknkovets was defeated in six matches by "Bars" Kazan in the first round, but everything could have ended much earlier, since the "St. Petersburg" team were leading in the series 3-0. The opponent was able to reduce the gap to a minimum, but still gave up - 4:2 (2:0, 5:2, 2:1, 0:1, 0:4, 5:2).

In the quarter-finals, they again had to fight against the club from Tatarstan, this time it turned out to be the "Oilman" from Almetyvsk. Interestingly, none of the teams was able to win at home in the end, all victories were obtained away exclusively. As a result, "the advantage of the foreign court" was taken advantage of by the "White-blue", taking the decisive seventh match in overtime - 4:3 (1:0 OT, 2:1, 3:4, 4:5 OT, 4:3 OT, 3:4 OT, 2:1 OT)."

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  • The most goals were thrown in the quarterfinals in the starting segments in the games with the participation of these teams.
  • The hosts did not concede in only one playoff game in the first period.

Our Prediction

Today, the "Mammoths" will have a difficult time, because they only trained for two weeks, while the counterpart will be in the rhythm of the game. However, if today it is also a disadvantage for the favorite, then throughout the series the advantage will already pass to Yugra in terms of freshness. But we will still give preference to guests in the first game.

Our prediction is "Dynamo's" victory with a handicap (+1.5) of the puck with a coefficient of 1.78 on 1xbet.

Will this prediction play?

Yes 100.00%
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